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NDP is an independent company that provides assistance with substance abuse prevention in the workplace. Our drug prevention offering is one of the broadest on the market, and we have clients in all professional fields.

We help our clients to tailor substance abuse prevention measures to their workplaces. We offer drug testing, training, assessments and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with drug prevention measures in your organisation.

We want our clients to always feel comfortable working with NDP. Our keywords are excellence, quality and security. We use accredited laboratories and tailor a training and drug testing programme based on the specific needs of your workplace. Always with the highest confidentiality and respect for the individual.

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    Frequently asked questions

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    • 1. Why use random drug tests?

      Random, unannounced drug tests are a very effective deterrent. They are also an excellent complement to training and information about the company’s attitude towards and policy on drugs. Random drug testing keeps the drug policy fresh in people’s minds and helps to ensure assistance to those employees who have fallen into addiction.

    • 2. What type of drug test method is preferable?

      NDP have chosen to remain neutral on the issue, but we have tried most methods. So far, the National Board of Health and Welfare and all accredited Swedish laboratories (that deal with workplace drug testing) have defined urine as the “gold” standard for drug testing. This is also a cost issue – urine tests are much less expensive than, say, saliva or hair analysis. Another consideration is how long it takes to get the results.

    • 3. How do you choose a random sample?

      We work only with non-name-related data (such as employee numbers). Shortly before a test, we receive employee numbers from the workplace and randomly select the agreed number of test subjects. Since NDP make this selection, there is no reason for anyone to suspect that someone at the company is “singling people out”. We are completely neutral and don’t know who the random number generator will select.

    • 4. How many positive drug tests do you find?

      The results are fairly constant from year to year: somewhere between 1 and 2% of confirmed positives annually.

    • 5. Are medicines a problem?

      Medicines are drugs, and prescribed correctly to the right person for the right use, there is no problem. It is only when the drug is not used appropriately that it can become a problem. Certain narcotic drugs are highly addictive and can become a severe, hard-to-treat problem for the individual. Usually this is combined with abuse of other substances, for example alcohol and controlled medicines. Overuse of just one controlled pharmaceutical can lead to intoxication, making the person a potential hazard in the workplace. NDP always discuss with the client what type of drug testing panel they think is appropriate and what drugs should be included, depending on company policies and the type of activities.


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